December 10, 2010

the shack

today, a coworker asked me :"what do you do during your free time?"
me:"i hang out"
cworker: "what do you do when you hang out?"
me: " i meet friends and eat..."

i'm not really sure how i felt after responding...(he just said ok and walked away...-___-)
but in all honesty, i LOVE to find new eateries with friends and just talk and listen.
i've been very blessed with amazing friends ^^

couple of us gathered together to eat and share.

rather than going out for dinner on a busy night, we decided to take out and eat in.

started off with handmade items from miss karen.

decided we'd do some frying.
i got to take my deep fryer out from hiding :)
fried some squid, french fries, sweet potato fries.

shrimps, shrimps, and more shrimps.
accompanied with sausages and corn.
take out from THE SHACK in rowland.
super garlicy and the spiciness hits you at the end.


1 comment:

Teresa W. said...

oohh The Shack, at first I thought you went to The Boiling Crab :p