December 13, 2010

ginger bread cookies + greentea cookie recipe

decided that it was the perfect time for some gingerbread cookies.
...i'm super sad that i cant find my gingerbread recipe... 
(its no where to be found)
so i decided to look for a new one...while watching the food network, i came across an eps where Guy goes to disneyland with his family.
i decided to look up a disneyland recipe 

i decided to test this batch. half the batch i made according to the recipe (added a little vanilla extract), and the other half, i decided to turn them into green tea cookies.

dusted both with flour and wrapped.
placed inside the fridge overnight.

i decided to try the green tea batch first.
i rolled it out, cut out shapes (mostly trees and leaves)

and placed them on a baking tray with parchment paper.

soo....according to the recipe, the oven should be set at 400F and the cookies should bake for ~10 mins.

at around 6 mins, i checked them and i quickly took the cookies out.
the lovely green color disappeared and my "supposed to be" delicious cookies burnt -_________-
i was a little upset and angry. 
a bit sad that my house was now filled with the smell of burnt cookies rather than gingerbread.
i took them outside in hopes of sending the smell away and rolled out my next batch.

i lowered the temp to 350F and baked for 11 mins
they came out super cute and perfect.!!

i had to squeeze in this picture of the stocking.
didnt it come out cute??

not enough time today BUT tomorrow i will show you the final product of these cookies (the piping)

green teabread cookies

-10 tbsn unsalted butter
-2/3 cups granulated sugar ( i'm going to try and use less next time)
-1/2 cup corn syrup
-1/3 cup milk
-14oz flour
-2 1/2 tspn green tea powder (use more if you want stronger green tea flavor)
-1 tspn vanilla extract

--boil the butter, sugar, corn syrup, and milk in a pot until everything comes together.
--sift dry ingredients and mix with boiled ingredients.
--add vanilla extract while mixing.
--wrap and place in fridge overnight (or a couple hours to harden)
--roll out into desired shapes, bake in oven at 350F for 10-12 mins

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