November 29, 2010

thanksgiving round 4

thanksgiving is the one day we tend to go all out with the food.
thought we'd do something a little differently this year:
-no turkey...instead a chicken pot pie
-prime rib (never had this at home ever)

on the menu:
-bread sticks
-stuffed mushrooms
-mac and cheese
-ham, prime rib
-chicken pot pie
-corn, salad
-mashed potato, green bean casserole
-dessert: caramel apple 

bread sticks: used puff pastry dough, cut in half, brushed with egg wash, added cheese herbs, put other half on top, cut twist bake.
stuffed mushrooms: stuffed with cheese, shallots, garlic, bread crumbs

single serving chicken pot pie.

bacon mac and cheese

-tastes like a personal apple pie. with caramel sauce.

hope everyone had  a wonderful thanksgiving week!!

thanksgiving round 2,3,5

 i thought i'd share what my plates looked like last week.

round 2: thanksgiving lunch at church. plate was towered with delicious food.

round 3: thanksgiving dinner at p.steves house. totally not your normal turkey and ham thanksgiving dinner. loved it though. thanks for the invite!!

round 5: too much want friends dinner. good food and good company is always nice.

round 4: family thanksgiving will come super soon!!

November 21, 2010

thanksgiving round 1

if you havent heard yet, thanksgiving is my favorite time of year.
its the one and only time when my family (of 5) eat american food (no kimchi, no rice).
its the one time we buy a full turkey, spiral sliced honey glazed ham, couple sides, and of course dessert.
(mouth is watering as i think about it).

this year, i think we're going to change it up.
i'm thinking of not having the actual whole turkey, but instead maybe a pot pie.
i think it might be a nice change....we are going to be having prime rib and ham so why not...
but i must get the approval from everyone in the family first.

my thanksgiving dinner feasts started last friday.
2 community groups from church gathered for a thanksgiving feast.
 i'm not entirely sure why, but i love this picture.

i normally dont add people onto my entries, but i think i'm going to start trying....
majority of the people that night.
thank you sarah for opening your house, and everyone for coming (with amazing entrĂ©es)!!
all time favorite picture hahaa.
cant wait to take another picture with the entire community group.

stay tuned for my rounds 2-5 throughout this entire week!!


*pictures by hudson lim*

November 12, 2010

snail mail winner!!

with the help of we have found a winner!

Blogger alice :) said...


mmmmmmm.... i like banana cream pie. ^__^
November 8, 2010 2:48 PM

alice please send me an email to audreyykim @ gmail . com for further instructions.

November 2, 2010

~~snail mail giveaway~~

pomegranate season is here!!
or so i think...because i picked 4 off my baby pomegranate tree recently.
i tried a new method of peeling the seeds this year.
i cut the pom and i peeled everything inside a bowl with water in it.
made the entire procedure quick and stain free. yay!!.

people have been asking me if i could mail them baked goods....
i'm not entirely sure if it'd be possible or even if it'd be able to get to the final destination in one piece.
so i decided that i would give it a shot.

i decided that i'd pick one person at random using
the winner will receive a box of dessert (cookies or cake pops) via snail mail.
how to enter:
leave a message with the answer to the following question:

what is your all time favorite thanksgiving dessert?

want more than just one try?
sure why not....
spread news about this post on fb, twitter, blog and receive a couple more entries.
best of luck!!

last day to enter :november 9, 2010 5pm pst