April 6, 2009

procrastination sucks

so i worked all of last week on one of my projects that was due today.
for some reason, i worked very slowly which led me to finish today.
i finished it this morning and then i had to start on my second project (which was just a powerpoint)
i had already gathered most of my information the week before so i didnt think that it'd take that long.....
unfortunately, it took me quite a while and i finished at 3:25
my class starts at 3:35 so i quickly packed everything,
asked my brother to find me quarters (so that i could just park in the meters)
and i ran out the door.
when i went to school, i parked, put in 9 quarters to secure my spot for 3 hours, and quickly walked to class....
i was greeted with a locked door with a paper in the front.
my class was canceled.....
it was kinda bittersweet