February 23, 2009

cupcake toppings

so my friend got some orders for cupcakes
i decided to help her out a bit
heres my turtle and cow creations
look at my heart trademark haha

February 1, 2009

happy birthday olivia =)

its my friends olivia's birthday soon and we decided to celebrate this past weekend.

my friend angela and i decided to bake her a cake
after much thought, we decided on a red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting.
after much research, we decided to create a totoro fondant cake.
thanks to cakejournal.com for the inspiration (on the totoro figures)....

the red velvet...

while it was cooling, we made these characters....next time we're going to make them look more 3d...

then we covered the cake with fondant...

our finished product =)