July 29, 2010

project preview

i finally decided on a theadless design to turn into a 3d cake!!
ninjas vs luchadores
honestly...i dont know what i was thinking when i started...
but now that i'm almost done its nice to see it coming to life.

here's a preview of what is to come.
ninjas all ready for battle.
nacho libre alone waiting for his teammates....


nacho vs luchadore 
who do you think will win??

July 27, 2010

tomato plant

my mom decided that it was about time for us to have our own tomato plant.
its amazing seeing fruits and vegetables grow.
and the taste of them right off the vine or tree is awesome.

so i share with you a plant from my backyard.
not planted into the ground because our soil is just horrible.
but it makes me happy.
i will share with you one day all the fruit trees i have.
that will be another day.



July 24, 2010

lemon cupcakes

birthday cupcakes are always fun.
i enjoy making cupcakes  and always try and figure out a way to make them a little unique.
for my friend JEAN's birthday, i got a request for some lemon cupcakes.
to be honest...i didnt try this cupcake haha
i just baked them...decorated them...and sent them off...
i left some at home hoping that i'd come back to some but i was wrong -___-

anyways hope you had a wonderful birthday jean!!
its always fun meeting with the girlfriends ^^

so on this lemon cupcake with lemon cream cheese frosting is candied lemon zest.
theres a lot of recipes for candied lemon zests out there but here is what i did:

candied lemon zest recipe:
  • 2 lemons
  • 1/4 cups sugar (plus extra side sugar)
  • 1/8 cups water 

-peel yellow part of lemon with a vegetable peeler
-cut into thin strips
-place strips into small pan. add water to cover and bring to boil..cook for about 5 mins.
-pour out the water (i'm not sure why...one day i'll try without pouring this water out)
-place 1/4 cups sugar and 1/8cups water into pan and bring to boil with the strips.
-boil for about 20-30 mins.
-place lemon strips onto wax paper and sprinkle sugar onto them.
-let it dry and enjoy!!

*pictures from miss jean: stayjean.com

July 20, 2010

white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

July is celebration month in my family.
brothers birthday, dads cancer free anniversary, parents wedding anniversary.
(3 things to be exact)
this year, we decided to combine them all together into one.

for the most part, we dont really like going out to eat. 
instead, we enjoy eating homemade food and dessert (cant forget that!)
food was good...mixture of korean and italian.

today i wanted to share pictures of the cheesecake (our dessert for the evening)
this cheesecake was pretty dang delicious...but i must say it was very cream cheesy.
the combo of the white chocolate and raspberries worked perfectly.
note to self: add more rasp syrup into the cheesecake

picture before entering the oven.
the marbling was soo pretty that i needed to take a picture 

final product.
with the scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and rasp sauce.

*nifty note when baking a cheesecake*
to create perfect cheesecakes, after cooking, turn off your oven and allow your cheesecake to cool inside the oven. this will allow your cheesecake to not concave inwards causing your cheesecake to look like a bowl haha


July 18, 2010

threadcakes competition

i've decided to compete in an online competition this summer.
for this competition, i need to pick one of the designs and bring it to 3D life.
click!!  and help me choose a design please.
if plan goes accordingly, this cake will be created this weekend.
this will be my first craved cake and i'm super excited..

here's a couple that sparked my interest



what do you think?

July 11, 2010

a mothers 50th birthday

i had the privilege of creating a birthday cake for a friends mother.
she asked for a picture of her family ^^
hope you and your family enjoyed the cake and had a wonderful evening!!
happy birthday to your mother!!

top of the cake

cake from a different angle.

cupcake showdown!!

a couple days ago, there was a cupcake showdown in LA.
a couple friends and i decided to go and check out this little fiesta.
went around from booth to booth looking at the decors of their cupcakes and even tried a couple.

 two tickets each allowed us to each have 2 mini cupcakes free of charge

lil rae cakes - cherry cola chocolate cupcakes. tasted like cherries

polkadots cupcakes-cupcake balls covered in chocolate

doughboys cafe and bakery- red velvet cupcake. very dense...

doughboys cafe and bakery- banana nut cupcake. this one was pretty good. number 2 of the night.

sweet e's bake shop - super cute. pink lemonade cupcake was pretty good

sweet e's bake shop

fat glady's bakery - tried their banana with peanut butter frosting...it was super dry...

cookie casa bakery - my favorite cupcake of the night comes from this place.
we just passed by it the first time because we didnt think they had cupcakes...
but i'm glad we went back.
i wish i remembered exactly what this cupcake was called... :(
it was a chocolate cupcake with one of their chocolate bars inside it.

thanks jean for some of the pictures.
thanks ham for taking pictures with my camera.

going to another cupcake event next month (august 1)
i'll be turning in some cupcakes for the cupcake competition then ^^
i'll keep you posted.

July 8, 2010

cake order for tomorrow!!
here's a sneak peak of whats going on the cake.
family picture.
a mothers 50th bday

today i'm going to the cupcake showdown  in LA
i'm excited to taste different cupcakes from all the competitors ^^

July 3, 2010

godiva chocolate cheesecake

a couple days ago, i went to cheesecake factory with a couple friends for some dessert.
while here, we tried 2 different slices of cheesecakes but THIS one was amazing.
brownie+chocolate cheesecake+chocolate mousse = awesome combo
since that day, i've been craving another slice of this amazing chocolate combo.

it was my goal to try and make this this weekend...but that doesnt look like it'll happen...
(unless it happens on monday)
i've come down with some odd sickness or something thats been lingering in my body for 3 days.
after i get better i will make this...
i hope i'm still craving this then. ^^

happy 4th of july weekend
happy birthday brother daniel.