July 20, 2010

white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

July is celebration month in my family.
brothers birthday, dads cancer free anniversary, parents wedding anniversary.
(3 things to be exact)
this year, we decided to combine them all together into one.

for the most part, we dont really like going out to eat. 
instead, we enjoy eating homemade food and dessert (cant forget that!)
food was good...mixture of korean and italian.

today i wanted to share pictures of the cheesecake (our dessert for the evening)
this cheesecake was pretty dang delicious...but i must say it was very cream cheesy.
the combo of the white chocolate and raspberries worked perfectly.
note to self: add more rasp syrup into the cheesecake

picture before entering the oven.
the marbling was soo pretty that i needed to take a picture 

final product.
with the scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and rasp sauce.

*nifty note when baking a cheesecake*
to create perfect cheesecakes, after cooking, turn off your oven and allow your cheesecake to cool inside the oven. this will allow your cheesecake to not concave inwards causing your cheesecake to look like a bowl haha


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