July 27, 2009

Daring Bakers Challenge:Milan Cookies

This month marks the start of baking something because of the bakers challenge.
i must say these were quite interesting....the cookie didnt come out to the texture we wanted but oh well...

heres a close up:

i'm excited to see what next month will bring.

we also had a choice on baking some mallow cookies but i passed on those

July 12, 2009


i was asked to bake some macaroons for a baby shower.
i read through a lot of comments that ppl left under recipes to see if i could better the recipe or technique...

someone suggested using a cupcake tin
cut out circles from parchment paper, place inside the tin
place the mixture on top the parchment and follow baking instructions.

this definitely gives you a different texture and doesnt give a chewy ring around the macaroons...
but they come out exactly the same which allows for better presentation.
i think i like this macaroon like this better
the baking is somewhat even, and the outer ring almost tastes like toffee :)

July 6, 2009

first real order

apologies for the reflection of the flash in the photo but its the only one i've got.
a lady made an order for a baby shower
she just told me to go with the color themes of pink and brown and let me do whatevers
i decided to try mini cake towers ...
you cant tell by the picture..but they have some height to them
i'm sure the next time will come out better
cupcakes are definitely more fun to do (and much easier)