October 19, 2010

busy weekends

wow i've been super busy every weekend with orders.
it's pretty amazing and i really feel blessed.
having had a busy month, i wonder what my next month will look like.

i have a bit of updating to do (i'll make it my goal to finish that by the end of the week)

orders left for the next 2 weeks:
-autumn themed cake order, green tea cupcake order
-cake pops order
-red velvet cupcake order
-assorted dessert order for JMI

pray that everything goes well.


October 9, 2010


i LOVE personal cake orders.
square red velvet cake.
colors: white, black, and a little pink.
i added sugar pearls onto the cake to make it look more elegant.

close up of the bow

picture of the cake just one more time.

Happy Birthday Anna!!

mystery pecan pies

i love birthday celebrations.
i'm not good at buying people gifts so instead, i bake.
its my coworker "alice"s birthday today.
so yesterday i took a box of mini mystery pecan pies to work.

a perfect mixture of cheese cake and pecan pie.
what more can you ask?

something i learned from baking these:
if you bake these pies in the mini cupcake papers, they come out easily with little clean up.
but the negative part: the crust ends up being softer than it would be with no cupcake cover.
not sure what i need to do....