January 20, 2011

sam and susan's wedding

last november, i was able to participate in creating a dessert bar for a lovely couple.
sam and susan.

since the first meeting with susan, i've been super excited to start creating desserts for her special day.
i was excited to see how all her imaginations and throughts would come to play.
an amazing harmony of colors.
i loved it.

huge pop of color. look at those cute cute shoes. and the beautiful bride.

say hello to the bridal party.
dont you just love the colors running down the dress and flowers?

super cute decoration. loved the attention to detail.

desserts: mini cupcakes. mini coconut macaroons. cheesecake bars. wedding cake.
came out super cute and super delicious.

i was able to partner up with miss joono from sugarbird in creating a lovely dessert table.

congratulations to the lovely couple!!
i truely enjoyed helping your wedding come to life through desserts!  ^^

--photos courtesy of Gabriel Ryan--

location: Franciscan Gardens
wedding planner: Christine of se-lah-ve
photographer: Gabriel Ryan
dessert/candy table design: Joono of sugarbird 
desserts made by: yours truely Audrey^^

January 8, 2011

toki doki cupcake order

yay for 2011 and the possible adventures to come.

i had my first cupcake order for the new year yesterday.
the only request i received was "toki doki characters"
after some picture researching and a little thinking here and there,
i decided to make several different characters.
general idea: big black eyeballs.

i must say these came out super cute.

how about some close ups??:

the little tag on the bottom was a gift from my friend Hannah.
she baked my logo onto shrinkydink papers for me ^^

ball of yarn (lamb)

my other favorite: mummy.

grenade (pineapple?)

candle light

say hello to flower triplets.
all with their own little personality.

boxed up. tagged. ready for pick up.

a little sneak peak of what it looks like inside.

cant wait for the next adventure.

January 3, 2011

gt 3: green tea creme brulee

i finally got around to baking some creme brulee's
green tea creme brulee to be exact.
i'm enjoying this little journey of green tea

sugar up the top of the creme brulee

light up the torch

fire fire fire!!! 

getting ready to crack the shell

bam! amazing!.

a little adjustments here and there.

green tea creme brulee recipe
-1 cup heavy cream
-1tspn green tea powder
-2 tsbn + extra sugar
-2 egg yolks
-1/2 tspn vanilla extract
-pinch of salt

heat cream, gtp, salt, and 2 tbsn sugar until it starts to lightly bubble.
whisk yolks + vanilla until color turns light.
slowly mix cream into yolks.

place in ramekins in a water bath and place in oven at 300F
bake for 25-30 mins.

fridge until ready to eat.
cover top with sugar and torch to perfection.

January 2, 2011

2010 overview

2010 was an amazing year for me.
I started baking more frequently and received many orders.
i had my first big orders and even made a contract.
i joined the foodbuzz community
i made my first set of business cards...etc.

heres a collage of some pictures from the past year.

looking forward to an amazing new year.
thank you ^^