January 8, 2011

toki doki cupcake order

yay for 2011 and the possible adventures to come.

i had my first cupcake order for the new year yesterday.
the only request i received was "toki doki characters"
after some picture researching and a little thinking here and there,
i decided to make several different characters.
general idea: big black eyeballs.

i must say these came out super cute.

how about some close ups??:

the little tag on the bottom was a gift from my friend Hannah.
she baked my logo onto shrinkydink papers for me ^^

ball of yarn (lamb)

my other favorite: mummy.

grenade (pineapple?)

candle light

say hello to flower triplets.
all with their own little personality.

boxed up. tagged. ready for pick up.

a little sneak peak of what it looks like inside.

cant wait for the next adventure.

1 comment:

cupcakemonster said...

I <3 the detail~ so whimsical & cute!