January 30, 2009

fondant flowers

first time making flowers
it was fairly easy

up next...fondant a cake

January 22, 2009

fondant creations

i've really been wanting to work with fondant for a very long time.
i'm so glad that i was able to work with it today =)
went over to my friends house
baked cupcakes from the box (only because today we really wanted to focus on fondant)

thanks to those who posted up pictures of their fondant creations online...
we looked at some and got inspired by them =)

January 18, 2009

san fran weekend get away

friday 16th

headed up north with my 2 lovely friends diana and sarah

met up with eurie and headed to the city for dinner (italian style)

sat 17th

breakfast at mama's on washington square

yummy cupcakes...not too much frosting which was pretty good

thank you to my wonderful friends for an awesome weekend =)

January 6, 2009

whenever i meet with my friends angela and olivia, we try and bake something new.

last weekend we decided to try and bake the Bailey's Coffee Muffins...only because we had some Bailey's left.
it was just ok

January 1, 2009