June 21, 2009

weekend factory

so this past weekend, i invited my friends over to help me with some baking.
with a lot of events happening, i needed to bake some macaroons and a cake.

so for the macaroons...i decided to go with an almond matcha shell and a basil lime butter cream filling...to be honest, i didnt want to put in too much basil so it kinda ended up just tasting like a lime butter cream filling haha

so i piped out the shell, let them rest a little and then off it went into the oven...

the shells came out nice and round...i still dont know why mine doesnt have that cool lifted look
but i'll find that out one day i hope haha...it might be because i dont let it rest too long
(because i'm impatient......)

the finished look...with the cream in the middle...
not the best lighting i know
baking almost makes me want to buy a new camera haha

then it was off to our next project
you see..my friend had a bbq/bday party and i figured i'd surprise her with a cake

here are some of the plumerias slowly drying and waiting for a dusted finish.

the finished cake outcome from the front/top to the back.
simple and cute.
happy 26th birthday to my friend :)

mini red velvet cupcakes

a couple weeks ago, i baked some mini red velvet cupcakes.
because it was so small i didnt want to put too much frosting on the top...
so my friend and i decided that we'd just make a zig zag decoration on it.
i feel that it was just the right amount of frosting for the bite size amazement in your mouth

June 6, 2009

green tea cupcakes

so i had a dinner potluck last night and our theme was japanese/hawaiian.
i decided to bake green tea cupcakes with a raspberry/strawberry mousse frosting

i'm not exactly sure why but they didnt come out as green as other ppls online
i did think about whether or not i should add in more matcha but i decided not to
(next time i think i will add a bit more because i do want the color)

a little blurry but its quite alright
the frosting cupcake combo was excellent
(sweet and tart, airy and buttery)