February 27, 2010

Final Cake Project

yay to learning new things :)
I now know how to make tiered cakes wooHoo!!
lemon and white cake swirled with strawberry butter cream frosting.
decorated with fondant.

heres the front of the cake

the back of the cake

February 20, 2010

cake order

I had a small birthday cake order due yesterday.
red velvet with cream cheese frosting.
covered and decorated with fondant.
the cake was for a girl named EVE and they asked, if possible, to put 4 girls on the cake and use the color purple.

the finished product.

Hope you enjoyed your cake EVE happy birthday!!

February 13, 2010


a couple months ago, i was supposed to bake macaroons for the Daring Bakers Challenge, but i failed to do so because of school... i was craving them today so i thought, why not, and decided to take another stab at macaroons.
now i've baked them before and i always seem to come across the same problem..i cant seem to get the "foot" on my macaroons -___-

i followed the directions from the daring bakers and that....led to some burning.
i quickly looked up another method of baking them (cracking the oven open) and crossed my fingers on my second batch.

i just like pictures of cracked egg shells

heres my finished macaroons filled with chocolate ganache mixed with grounded almonds and walnuts.

close up.......my macaroons dont seem to want to form the feet :(

individually packaged

nicely packed inside a box, ready for its delivery.
enjoy :)

February 3, 2010

cake decorating

i have completed course one of cake decorating at michaels!!
yay me!!

cake from the 3rd week.
learned to make flowers.

final cake
learned how to make roses and leaf petals.

next week i start fondant class :)