July 11, 2010

cupcake showdown!!

a couple days ago, there was a cupcake showdown in LA.
a couple friends and i decided to go and check out this little fiesta.
went around from booth to booth looking at the decors of their cupcakes and even tried a couple.

 two tickets each allowed us to each have 2 mini cupcakes free of charge

lil rae cakes - cherry cola chocolate cupcakes. tasted like cherries

polkadots cupcakes-cupcake balls covered in chocolate

doughboys cafe and bakery- red velvet cupcake. very dense...

doughboys cafe and bakery- banana nut cupcake. this one was pretty good. number 2 of the night.

sweet e's bake shop - super cute. pink lemonade cupcake was pretty good

sweet e's bake shop

fat glady's bakery - tried their banana with peanut butter frosting...it was super dry...

cookie casa bakery - my favorite cupcake of the night comes from this place.
we just passed by it the first time because we didnt think they had cupcakes...
but i'm glad we went back.
i wish i remembered exactly what this cupcake was called... :(
it was a chocolate cupcake with one of their chocolate bars inside it.

thanks jean for some of the pictures.
thanks ham for taking pictures with my camera.

going to another cupcake event next month (august 1)
i'll be turning in some cupcakes for the cupcake competition then ^^
i'll keep you posted.

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