November 21, 2010

thanksgiving round 1

if you havent heard yet, thanksgiving is my favorite time of year.
its the one and only time when my family (of 5) eat american food (no kimchi, no rice).
its the one time we buy a full turkey, spiral sliced honey glazed ham, couple sides, and of course dessert.
(mouth is watering as i think about it).

this year, i think we're going to change it up.
i'm thinking of not having the actual whole turkey, but instead maybe a pot pie.
i think it might be a nice change....we are going to be having prime rib and ham so why not...
but i must get the approval from everyone in the family first.

my thanksgiving dinner feasts started last friday.
2 community groups from church gathered for a thanksgiving feast.
 i'm not entirely sure why, but i love this picture.

i normally dont add people onto my entries, but i think i'm going to start trying....
majority of the people that night.
thank you sarah for opening your house, and everyone for coming (with amazing entrĂ©es)!!
all time favorite picture hahaa.
cant wait to take another picture with the entire community group.

stay tuned for my rounds 2-5 throughout this entire week!!


*pictures by hudson lim*

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