November 29, 2010

thanksgiving round 4

thanksgiving is the one day we tend to go all out with the food.
thought we'd do something a little differently this year:
-no turkey...instead a chicken pot pie
-prime rib (never had this at home ever)

on the menu:
-bread sticks
-stuffed mushrooms
-mac and cheese
-ham, prime rib
-chicken pot pie
-corn, salad
-mashed potato, green bean casserole
-dessert: caramel apple 

bread sticks: used puff pastry dough, cut in half, brushed with egg wash, added cheese herbs, put other half on top, cut twist bake.
stuffed mushrooms: stuffed with cheese, shallots, garlic, bread crumbs

single serving chicken pot pie.

bacon mac and cheese

-tastes like a personal apple pie. with caramel sauce.

hope everyone had  a wonderful thanksgiving week!!


jeanlee said...

omg audrey this looks SO good....

saehoon said...

for your cafe that you will start in the near future,
be one of those that specializes in baked goods but also serves bomb food. yessss!

selva said...

wow my mouth watered after seeing those pictures

alice :) said...

omg. invite meeee next time.

where my pie beee? hahaa