December 19, 2010

cookie jar

with christmas only being a couple days away, i've been thinking of what gifts to give.
i personally think that i am a horrible gift giver.
(or its really hard to me to figure out what i need to buy for people)

something i'm better at doing:
making personalized gifts for people.

the only problem about handmade gifts is that sometimes, people dont see the value of it...
or they just dont like it.
regardless, i decided that i would go this route and make some personalized items.

cookie mix in a jar.
ingredients all ready and measured out for you.
perfect for nonbakers who wish to make homemade goodies.

its also a nice way to share your recipes with people

ap flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt on the bottom.
christmas colored m&ms
brown sugar
white sugar
some more m&ms to fill the top

add instructions~~> ribbon jar up ~~> ready for lift off 

1 comment:

Teresa W. said...

haha that's really clever, and it makes it easy for people to bake cookies! :D