December 16, 2010

Review: spicy kimchi

blogging on a daily basis is mighty hard....
pat on the back for people who do.

after thinking all day about what to blog, i made up my mind and decided to not blog....
i got in bed and while playing with my phone, i realized i had some pictures in here.
then i thought...i wonder if i could write my ntire entry with my phone. 

i went to spicy kimchi in diamond bar a couple days ago.
when this little restaurant first opened shop, i thought it was a store that solds kimchi...
i was wrong.

i wish i knew how to use this better...
but lets see.. first picture was of their handmade dumplings.
second was of their lahbokgi
this final picture is the kimchi fried rice.

this place provides u with all the comfort korean foods.

yay to me and my very first entry via phone  yahoo

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