December 9, 2010

Frost My Cake

this past sunday, my friends and i decided to try out a new bakery.
(well fairly new)

it took over a little blue house like building.
outside is super cute. makes you want to stop by and take a peak.
inside...not so much.

i think from the outside, i imagined it to be super cute inside but it wasnt so much...
the inside only has room for the display counter and a couple of small tables randomly on the side.
looks like they used the bulk of the building for storage and kitchen?
not too sure.
inside doesnt match the impression of the outside.

the best part about going to new bakeries with a bunch of friends is that you cant order many different things and share!!

the red velvet. for me, its always a must have when i go to a new bakery.
why? not really sure...(maybe its so that i could compare it to mine) not sure haha
so we tried it.
(decided to buy the slice of cakes rather than the cupcake because theres only a 25 cent difference in cost)
it was nothing out of the ordinary.
the cake was a bit on the dense side.
the little fruits on the top was cute though.

german chocolate cake: this one was pretty tasty.  party in your mouth.
theres a lot of different flavors going around in here.
if you like coconut, you should try this one.
if not...just pass...

fruit tarts (each at 75 cents) was cute and sweet.
wish they didnt put all the gunk on top of the fruits though.
the shell was a bit bland and so was the custard.

in the back: tres leche cake: personally, not my favorite.
its very milky and super soggy.
not really sure if tres leche cakes are supposed to taste like that...but it did.

not entirely sure if i'd go back.
maybe i'll try again in a couple months.

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