December 9, 2010


thought i'd run through memory lane and see the journey of my macaroons....

ingredients for a macaroon is pretty simple.
egg whites, sugar, powdered sugar, almond flour, salt
but for some reason, its not always easy to make.
i still dont really understand why they come out so ugly sometimes.
i've had many failures (i didnt take pictures during most)

first macaroons ever: hazelnut coffee macaroons
i think i started baking macaroons after a friend asked me to try.
it was my first time even learning about these creations.
after much research, i came upon a recipe (not sure of which) and i tried it.
they were super duper huge (when being compared to the ones sold in bakeries).
they were light and chewy and delicious BUT they didnt develop the "foot"

many times after, they started getting a little smaller but they still didnt develop the feet i was looking for.
they were oddly shaped but still tasted delicious.

it was then i decided that i would buy an actual kitchen scale and new cookie sheets.

i finally developed the little ring around each cookie ("foot") 
they looked like a real macaroon.

heres one close up.
i think this one was one of my favorites.

i'm still trying to figure out how to make the center of the shell not as hollow.
the mystery continues.
hopefully i'll be able to master the art of macaroon making.
until then, i will always cross my fingers and pray that each batch comes out pretty.

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