December 7, 2010

fall themed birthday cake

i was looking through my pictures and i realized that i never shared this order.
every time i receive an order, i'm still shocked and very thankful.

a friend of mine (from high school) saw my pictures on fb and placed an order.
(yay facebook!)

order: red velvet cake. fall themed.

i normally get 2 types of orders. one: they're very specific with what they want. two: they let me do whatever.
i'm still trying to figure out which one i enjoy making more..but that i guess will come later.
i thought i'd keep it simple and use the idea of leaves changing color to inspire me.

heres a couple different angles.

little side story: debbie (girl celebrating birthday) and i were in many classes together since middle school.
she was my friend in art class, the one who told me to try out for choir, one who pushed me to try out for the school musical.  awesome girl.  she always has a smile on her face and she was very kind.  although we've gone our different ways, i was very happy to bake this cake for her and her father. happy super belated birthday!!  and i hope you enjoyed your cake!!

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