December 2, 2010

leftover = pumpkin cheesecake

i baked mini pumpkin pies last week.
after making a handful, i decided to add some cream cheese and turn the filling into cheesecake.
i then started making mini pumpkin cheesecake pies.

[heres a picture of the pumpkin and the pumpkin cheesecake pies together]

after baking like over 200 mini pies.....i decided that i would stop.
i wrapped up the remaining filling and left it in the fridge.

something i realized: i tend to do this a lot....i make the batter and only use like half....
i package the remainder and leave it in the fridge...(then i forget about it... -___-)
so when i end up remembering, i just assume that it probably went bad and it ends up in the trash. :(

so this time, i decided that i wouldnt throw waste.!! (yay!!)
luckily, i had a lot of oreos left over from a couple weeks ago.
i used that for the crust (put way too much butter in the mixture )

it looked super pretty and i decided that i'd let it rest and cool down inside the oven.....

when i opened the oven after it was fully cooked...i my cheesecake cracked :(
that kinda sucked...oh well i guess its still a learning process.

last picture...not the best one but i wanted to show you my crust to cheesecake ratio.
i love crust so much more than the filling....but thats just me.
i've always been like that.

tomorrow i'm baking an appetizer for a gathering.
i'll share and show you how i made it.

1 comment:

mayra said...

AUDGE!! i really wanted pumpkin cheesecake all thanksgiving weekend but there was none around me. i didn't even have pumpkin pie! then i saw your blog and i really wanted it again! can i please have some.. like NOW?! looks so delish! you go girl :)