December 21, 2010

gt2: green tea coconut macaroons recipe

one thing i love baking : coconut macaroons
they're super easy to bake and its pretty quick.

last month, i baked a dessert bar for my friends for their wedding.
i found out that they werent able to try any of the desserts...
i decided that i would surprise the couple (more so the bride) with her own batch of macaroons.

i scooped out some regular coconut macaroons...

i then decided to make half of the batch green tea coconut macaroons.
the flavor is really nice i think.
its a sweet green tea flavored party in your mouth.

they're so cute together.
perfect for the holidays.

i packed hers in a box and had it packaged for hand delivery
(forgot to take a picture of the box and bow.)-oops

i found a new function on my camera.
it takes 16 pictures super duper fast.
i'll try using it again another time...
i didnt really know what it did until i uploaded my pictures onto the computer.

i packaged them in threes to pass them out to friends.
nice and clean holiday gifts.
people will love it.(whats not to love?)
its not a useless gift...they can eat it...if they dont like it...they can regive it.

green tea coconut macaroons recipe
-1 bag of shredded coconut (14oz)
-1 can of sweetened condensed milk
-2/3 cups flour
-1/4 tspn salt
-1 tspn vanilla extract
-1 1/2 tspn green tea powder

~preheat oven 350F
~mix coconut, flour, salt, and green tea powder together.
~add condensed milk and vanilla extract and mix together.
~scoop out onto parchment paper with 1tspn scooper
~bake for 12 mins

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~Lisa~ said...

OOO I likey! So when am I receiving a box of these delicious treats (=