December 14, 2010

review: ahbum jeep

 right as i opened the door to my house, my mom welcomed me with : "lets go eat".
we went to a near by joint called "ahbum jeep"  not really sure if they have an english name.
my mom was craving one dish from here to we decided to meet my father there.

a bit hesitant to tell me what we were having, she just repeated the title of the dish:
"yumsoh jung gol"
she then told me that it was goat....

started off with some side dishes. 
the bottom 3 were my favorites.

then the meal came out.
for a party of 3, we ordered enough for 2 people.
they bring out the portable stove tops and allow your meal to boil while you eat.

can you see the meat?
in all honesty, it tastes like super tender beef.
it was pretty good.

they also gave us this sauce to dip it in.

at the end, they leave some of the soup, add rice and vegis and mix it for you.
super good.
(my favorite part i think...i just like fried rice)

i'm craving some sandwiches....i think i need to go search for a delicious sandwich shop.

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