December 20, 2010

gingerbread cookies part 2

a couple entries ago, i shared with you my cookies and a recipe.

remember? if you dont...i posted a picture ^.

well....i left my cookies out and told myself that i'd come back to them to frost...
every night something ALWAYS came up..
after a couple days, i came back to my cookie station and all i found was 6 cookies
i guess people slowly just ate them all.
(which is fine)

i'm not the best froster but just thought i'd bring these cookies to life.
you know...give gingerbread men a face...

i think the wreath was my favorite.
that is all.

5 more days til christmas my friends

1 comment:

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

That wreath is pretty! And too funny that the cookies slowly disappeared.