December 1, 2010

moo cards!!

look what came in the mail!!

thanks to foodbuzz, i've received my very first set of moo cards.
a little about the mini cards: they're printed and hand packed in london, england. 
"the paper used for these cards is sustainably sourced.  the box is 100% recyclable, and the structure is made from recycled pulp

the box is seriously super cute.
it even comes with 3 tabs: mine, theirs, favourites

each card comes with a different picture.
you're able to customize your cards if you wish
(i wasnt able to...but the next time i order i definitely will)

thought i'd play around with my camera.
they're a little on the small side...but i guess it comes with the name "minicards"

last picture for you.
thank you to foodbuzz once again for my wonderful moo cards!!

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