December 5, 2010

the perfect circle cupcakery

i went to a mini bbq today out in irvine.
a friend dropped by this bakery and picked up some cupcakes.

check them out:
from what i was told, its a cute little joint that reminds you of the tiffanys store.
6 flavors was brought to be tasted:
cookies and cream, red velvet, coconut, tuxedo, banana nut bread, egg nog.

we split every cupcake into 4 so that everyone could take a bite.

opinion: i normally judge a bakery by their red velvet.
its a popular flavor all around and i see it as a must have anywhere you go....
if i were to judge my opinion only on the red velvet, i probably wouldnt go back....
BUT their banana nut bread was pretty good. 
the coconut one was pretty good as well.
the flavors in all the cakes were pretty subtle (esp in the red velvet).
the cake part is super dense and just a little dry.
if you eat the cake part with the frosting it matches well.
loved their decoration though.
although i'm not a big fan of frosting, i LOVE when bakeries pile it on top.
it just looks prettier and clean and fluffy haha

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