December 5, 2010

GT1:green tea cupcakes

a couple days ago, i received bags of green tea powder from my friend jean.

she's currently living in korea teaching english.
in her province, they're known for their green tea fields.
via her mother, she sent over some green tea powder. ^^

after looking at the amount of gtp i have, all these ideas came to mind.
(cupcakes, tea, ice cream, roll cake,....etc)
i decided to start with the simplest.

yesterday, i went to my "OG CG Christmas party"
theme: korean.
i thought that this would be the perfect time to start with my green tea mission:

green tea cupcakes with green tea cream cheese frosting

i packaged 3 to be hand delivered to someone.
hopefully, it will be delivered in one piece AND i will get a picture of it....
if is how it looked prior to shipping :)

cupcakes on a platter.
look at the poor gingerbread man on the left :(
he's legless....
(i think i'm going to try and bake some greenteabread man)


~Lisa~ said...

Oh I likey the idea of green tea gingerbread men! And love your cupcakes. How sweet of your friend to send some green tea from Korea.

Mi Yeon said...

I ate it. the man and the cake.