December 15, 2010

review: honey pig

i went to Honey Pig in Buena Park with a group of friends.
they cook everything on top of a stone top which is fun.
its best to go with smaller crowds so that you're not crowded around a small table.

 they turn the fire on and place the bean sprouts and kimchi along the bottom of the pan.
the flavors mature and it starts to taste better the longer you wait.

side items are provided to assist you with your eating

and in comes the meat
they first butter the top and then add the meat on top.
the meat juices slides down through the bean sprouts and kimchi (makes it bomb)
delicious in my mouth. yum.

once you're done, they come with a bowl of kimchi, lettuce, gghenyip (no idea what this is in english), and rice

they mix it all together and you get this:

not the best picture but its fried rice.
the longer you let it sit and cook, the better it tastes.
the rice that hits the pan gets a little crunchy and it add more flavor and texture.
little note: kimchi is what makes or breaks your fried rice.
(of the 3 tables, 

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