June 21, 2011

lemon bars

I can honestly say that I LOVE creating dessert bars. From the baking of the desserts, to the strategically packing everything into my car, to the setting of the table; the stress and rush is totally worth it.

This past weekend, I had a dessert bar order (photos to follow ...in another post).  A childhood friend of mine was having a HUGE wedding and wanted a HUGE dessert bar to match.  So much emotions flowed through my body the first hour or so I was there....THEY TOTALLY FORGOT THE DESSERT TABLE...AND THE TABLE CLOTH!!!! -_____- ... seriously, panic mode. I felt a mini break down coming.... I rushed on over to speak with the coordinator (quick cap: i shared with her the situation ...asking for help...and she responded with "what do you want me to do about it!")....SERIOUSLY!?!??!??? (slap her in the face...jk...but she totally deserves one)  but anyways, all in all everything came together in the end. I'm mighty glad it did.  I was able to attend the wedding ceremony and celebrate with the bride and groom.

even with that kinda stress, I still see hope to be in this industry one day (full time).  I'd take this kinda stress any day over a desk job...

10 year goal. still counting down....

on the brighter side, I baked some lemon bars ^^
Its a bit on the denser side.  I think i'll try the same recipe but maybe whip the egg whites and fold the lemon mixture into it to see what it'll do to the texture.
after some trial and errors, i will share the recipe and how each of them came out.

until then, enjoy a lemon bar under the sun ^^

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