June 3, 2011

seattle, washington part 1

in no particular order, I share with you places we visited while exploring the great Emeral City.

Voulas Offshore Cafe - seen on food networks - diners, drive ins, and dives.
Food is pretty decent and the portions are shareable.
**not very friendly service. AND the food took almost  1 HOUR for it to come out.  definitely not a place that should've been shown on triple D.  so yes my friends, if you would like to sit and wait one hour for your food while everyone around you gets their food, then I highly recommend it.

on to delicious pastries: Pirosky Bakery in Pikes Place, Seattle Wa.
the aroma that fills the streets leads to you this bakery.  lines run out the door but the wait is well worth it.
a hand held meal/pie is perfect for people on the go.  My favorite has to be the beef and onion. Delicious in my mouth.

Pikes Place, Fish Market
crab, tuna, oysters. all fresh, melt in your mouth awesomeness.

Lola, Seattle Wa
awesome place to go for night time happy hour. 
gyros are a must try along with a side of fries and hummus.

Molly Moons, Seattle Wa
A cute little ice cream store that makes all their unique flavors with local ingredients.
Watch the workers as they bust out fresh thin waffle cones regularly throughout the day.

part 2 coming soon