May 27, 2010

a little catch up

its been a little while since i've last posted.
let me catch you guys up to date:
yay me!! 
(totally not in the field I imagined but its ok I'm still happy ^^)
I've been trying to adjust myself to this new working lifestyle...I think I got the hang of it now...

backing up:
couple weeks ago, I baked an apple crumble...
tastes like a lazy mans apple pie haha

I love cream puffs!! esp the mini teenie tiny ones ^^
a box of these was taken to a "goodbye friend party"

a couple things that will be happening soon:
-business cards
-first stay tuned my friends

i leave you with this...a picture of my dog "woof woof" haha

1 comment:

saehoon said...

awesome! im curious to know what the name of your company/bakery will be..