May 6, 2010

Kimchi Fried Rice

I really enjoy making fried rice.
its a combo of all your favorite flavors mixed together to create a party in your mouth.
it also gives you a chance to clean out your refrigerator ^^
this was my first time mixing these ingredients together...
it tasted pretty good i must admit.


sliced mushrooms, chopped kimchi, minced garlic, sesame leaves, corn, rice, egg

fry mushrooms, add garlic -make sure garlic doesnt burn.
add kimchi and cook til tender
add corn
move everything to the outer rim area of your pan (leave the middle empty)
crack egg in  and scramble (i like to add pepper...) 
add rice (i used rice that had beans in it...cuz thats what i had in the rice cooker)
once everything is mixed and ready, turn off the stove.
add sesame seeds and sesame leaves