May 3, 2010

Hollywood Bowl

this past Saturday, a couple friends and I went to the Hollywood Bowl
Korean Music Festival
I had a blast!! 
we decided that next year, we'd buy the tickets to sit up front ^^
looking through the pictures I took, 
I realized that they're all food pictures of humans -___-
oh well...let me share with you our adventure!

before heading to our destination, we made a couple stops ensure that we wouldn't go hungry
or original plan was to go to Julienne, pick up food from the market and go...
but when we got there, the food wasnt really want we wanted, so we just picked up some desserts.
off to Portos we went for some sandwiches and well..more desserts!

as soon as we got settled into our seats, we put together our plastic wine glasses

enjoyed our drinks, ate cheese and crackers and our food and enjoyed the show.

so under these cake pops were:
slice of white cake with cream and strawberry from Porto's

we also got mango mousse from Porto's ....
but I guess i forgot to take a picture of it
it was very delicious.

 creme brule - from Julienne

coconut macaroons - Julienne
these were huge and pretty good.
if you're a fan of coconut and don't mind coconut overload,
you would love these.

lemon meringue in between 2 almond cookies-Julienne
these were my favorite i think
the lemon meringue was very tart and light 
and the almond cookies = perfect compliment

cookie with chocolate mousse and chocolate cover - Juliennes
perfect bite for chocolate lovers...

Glendale Veggie- Porto's
roasted egg plant, peppers, and zucchini, with havarti cheese, hummus spread, lettuce, tomatoes, on wheat

Pan con Lechon (Roasted Pork Sandwich)- Porto's
slow roasted pork, mojo garlic sauce, and grilled onions, on a grilled Cuban bread

Cubano (Cuban Sandwich)- Porto's
slow roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles, on Cuban bread
this one was a bit salty...they messed up on our order -___-
we asked for no mustard, no cheese
we got no mustard, no pickle -_____-

we also had their famous potato balls...
but we ate them all before i managed to take a picture :(

can't wait for my next food adventure....
until's a picture of a cute owl piggy bank I saw at Target
*this one is for you Pauline*
~~*hoot hoot*~~

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jeanlee said...

OMG i want to try the lemon meringue and almond cookie! I love lemon meringue but not with all the cream they put on top of it when you get the pie.