June 16, 2010

korean chicken (jjim dalk)

i'm really thankful that i have friends who enjoy eating.

this past weekend, my friends and i made jjim dalk.
i think i can confidently say this it was one of the best korean dishes we've ever made.

-ingredients needed:
1 whole chicken (ask the butcher to cut it up for you)
2 yellow onions
4 potatoes
2 carrots
5-8 dried red peppers
green onion (the big one...dont know what its called...but you can use normal if you want)
korean vermachelli noodles

-for the sauce:
1 cup soy sauce
3 cups water
4tbsn sugar (you can add less sugar if you dont want it to be too sweet)
4 tbsn corn syrup (we used sugar instead)
1 tbsn oyster sauce
1 tspn black pepper 
1tbsn garlic
a little sliver of ginger
3 tbsn meerim (heres a picture in case you have no idea what it is)

-first cook the chicken in boiling water for just a couple minutes

-then chop up your vegis
(cut them a little big so they dont disappear during the cooking process)
(picture is of only half the amount of vegis listed)

-place the vegis into the pot (except green onion)

-place the semi cooked chicken on top of vegis

-pour combined sauce over the chicken and vegis
-place lid and cook for almost 20 mins

-place the semi cooked vermachelli noodles and green onion mix and serve


enjoy :)
credit to this site for the recipe (tweeked the recipe just a little)
credit to miss jean lee for the pictures


sputniksweetheart said...

omg this is my FAVORITE korean dish... ^_^

Christina said...

OMG!! Hahaha! Hi AudgeBodge! I was googling recipes for dinner tonight and clicked on this, only to figure out it was my brilliant friend! :) So excited to try it!! But I don't have any dried red peppers! Any substitution ideas? PS. I'm coming home from the 17th thru the 26th with the fiance! Let's play!

audgbodge said...

christina!!! hahaha thats awesome!! haha cant wait to see you!. umm use any kind of pepper and it should be fine. its just to give it a little kick. ^^ see you soon!!