May 17, 2011

paulines bridal shower

i was invited to attend a beautiful bridal shower this past weekend.
completely DIY and completely gorgeous.
all crafted by her beautiful brides.

heres a couple pictures from the bridal shower.
(note to self: take pictures of human beings  -__-).

mushroom central. totally one of the most creative things i've ever seen.
i wish i could have thought of that. anyways, take a hard boiled egg and cap it off with a half cut tomato.
it'd be a good idea to make deviled eggs and cap them off (that'd be good. yummm).

now onto the dessert table.
had a whimsical and woodsy feel.

owl cake pops. super cute.
i. love. owls.
continuing with the woody theme, check out them acorns.

i'll end here with the picture of the dessert table.

congrats to the beautiful bride to be.
cant wait to see you on your wedding day ^^

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