May 21, 2011

Girls Night Out

Once at work, someone asked my friend and I, " what does your friendship revolve around?" and we both answered with "FOOD".
I been blessed with friends who enjoy food as much as I do. Who is willing to try out new hot spots and who are patient with my picture takings (of food).  Anyways, a couple of my lady friends and I decided that we would go on a mini adventure around LA.  

With a friend already out in LA, because of work, we decided that the rest of us would take the metro.  it was like a scene out of a movie: last friend arrived at my house at 3:30pm.  we quickly drove over to my parents store to leave the car and walk on over to the metro station (other side of railroad tracks).  realizing the quickest way around was to walk/slide/run down the hill, we all held tightly onto the rails and down to the street we went. ran to the station, purchased out tickets and in we went into the train.(6:49 exactly on the dot)

we then found a Mr. Churro and felt the need to try a churro.
i mean if a place is called MR. CHURRO, it better be good right? umm wrong.  it was just alright.  from what i think, the churro is fried hollow and then they cut it in half and fill the churro with the cream (not sure if its true...just my assumption). the churro was warm and the cream cold.

i'm definitely still a fan of the churros from Taco Station, Riverside CA.

anyways, went over to Little Tokyo to do some exploring.
Came across Mitsuri Cafe where we bought one of these (no idea what they're called).  its like a mochi with red beans inside.  my friends liked the texture (they like the mochi rice cake texture), me on the other hand not so much.  it was just alright.  

we then each ate a mini japanese dumpling
apologies of the blurriness. 

got picked up from our friend and headed towards the Grove/farmers market.

here some ate oysters.  we then all had a plate of Brazillian BBQ. yumm!!

while pondering on which cafe to go to, we dropped by MILK.

I've been meaning to come here for a while now.  I'm glad to say that i've finally been.  
Didnt try what was originally on my list (blue velvet cake) but I'm definitely glad that I tried something else.
We shared these amazing ice cream sandwiches.  If you're a fan of macarons and a fan of ice cream, we then this is a MUST try.  two awesome creations merging to be one. (i wish i was eating one right now).
Anyways, the chewy texture of the macaron shell marries perfectly with the creamy cold ice cream.

i guess i will soon have to try this out for myself.
maybe mini ice cream sandwiches.

a bit too much eating for one evening, but super fun and relaxing.

happy saturday everyone!

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