August 4, 2009

TWD: classic banana bundt cake

yay to my first week of participating in TWD's baking :)

this week called for a banana bundt cake
i dont own a bundt pan yet so i figured i'd bake them into muffins.

they came out perfectly
the recipe called for 28-32 mins for this size but i took them out a couple mins before that

heres one up close...

oh and i added some mini chocolate chips because i had some left over from the weekend

they're pretty delicious
not too sweet.
i kinda wish i put some nuts in them but i didnt have any and i frankly didnt want to buy any haha

high five for me for successfully completing my first TWD baking.


Flourchild said...

welcome and congrats on your first recipe! It turned out great! This was a wonderful cake and it looks like many TWD folks loved it! See ya next week for brownie buttons!

johncadengo said...

high five audrey.

you're killin me with jealousy. i want some!

Anonymous said...

Another high five for your first TWD post! Your banana muffins look great, especially with the chocolate chips addition! I'm going to try that next time with mini-bundts!

grace said...


looks so yummy!!