August 30, 2009

heavensent desserts

its been a couple weeks since i've last baked...
lifes been a little crazy.
started taking some classes at a jc and it made me extremely tired.

i will get some baking in this week....or at least i will try.
its my youngest brothers birthday on the third of sept and i will bake him something good to eat.

so this past weekend i went on a daycation down to San Diego.
we started off at a restaurant called "hash house" for brunch.
the portions are ginormous and so we were able to share 2 plates amongst 3 ppl (we still had left overs).

smoked salmon scramble....the salmon was more like baked....

roasted chicken hash.....a bit dry....

kiwi pomegranate lemonade drink was delicious

off to the zoo we went to see the zoo animals in the scotching heat.
it was soo hot that i gulped down a big cup of lemonade slush. was soo hot that i couldnt catch up to the speed of the slush melting.
to the sake of animal safety, they provided me with a long spoon instead of a cap and straw.

we then went to this nice seafood restaurant titled "the oceanire seafood restaurant".
the menu is printed out on a daily basis.
the fish are fresh. and the waiters are friendly.
their calamari were awesome.
the sauce that they placed on top of the fried calamari tasted like a wonderful balance of spanish meets asian. spicy tapatio sauce, sour cream, and some sweet and sour sauce (almost reminded me of a sweet and sour chicken).
crab cakes were very meaty which is good because they're a bit on the pricey side.
the swordfish was a nice balance of sweet and salty.

i dont have pictures from this place because i really did not feel comfortable taking out the camera..... -____- (i need to learn to be brave with my camera)...but seriously the thought of taking out my camera made me feel like i was going to commit a crime hahaa.

the bathroom here (known was the "powder room") had wonderful accents.
towels instead of paper towels, mouth wash, deodorant spray, hairspray, lotion...
all these things that allows a women to freshen up prior to going back out to meet her loved ones.

ok now time for my reasoning of really blogging this entry.....

so i went once again to this dessert place titled "Heavensent Desserts"
which is "at the corner of 30th and university in north park"
if in sd its a must that you go here.
during this visit, we had our tea which is a must try (DREAMER) and also tried their "lavender rose" cake. it was freaken amazing.....seriously would come back here to get this again.
here is the description straight from the website:
The Lavender Rose РOur light and fluffy chiffon cake soaked in rose water and vanilla, with a lavender infused cr̬me brulee filling. The cake is lightly coated with silky white icing and topped with a purple fondant flower.

doesnt it just sound amazing?
it was served very cold and it just melted right in your mouth.
the combination of all the layers was seriously heavenly.

heres a picture i managed to take with my phone.
the picture might not make it look appetizing but it really was good.

i'm going to try and attempt to recreate this cake.
it'll probably take a couple trial and error runs but i will really try to come close.


saehoon said...

omg i love your blog.
hello audrey!

Eddie Park said...

those cupcakes just made me stinkin hungry....