August 13, 2009

Trattoria Farfalla

ok let me share with you the little journey my friends (olivia and angela) and i took at this little restaurant called trattoria farfalla. i swear our server must've thought we were crazy for ordering so much hahaa

start off with their:

bread with olive oil infused with the flavors of sundried tomatoes and garlic

started our course off with calamari fritti with arrabiata sauce.
calamari was layed on top of cut romane lettuce. the arrabiata sauce was perfect.

tagliolini con gamberetti zucchini - this one was very good. its on the lighter side. filled with a lot of shrimp, garlic, and zucchini....might've been my favorite from the night.

gnocchi alla bolognese . this was my first time trying gnocchi...interesting to say the least. the sauce was almost had a floral kick at the end....gnocchi kinda has the same texture and taste of a korean "dduk".........i dont think i'll gnocchi again (i'm not a big fan of dduk)

scaloppine del giorno - almost looks like veal cutlets. covered with a pureed spinach? not sure and then mozzarella. served with a side of potatoes and vegetables.

dessert - plating if a little weird haha not pretty at all but the taste is good.

tiramisu - very light. i kinda wish they didnt use the plate they used. could've placed it on a white plate and it might've looked better. we tried it because they said it was home made. couldnt really taste the expresso or even the liquor....

tarte della nona - this was pretty good. the crust tasted almost like the thin pie crust. the center was a custard tasting similar to a creme brule but much even had chocolate chips inside it. and on top there were pine nuts. next to it was a big ugly blop of whipped cream that kinda looks over whipped.


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