April 16, 2011

the back abbey

went over to the back abbey with a couple friends/coworkers this past week to try their famous back abbey burger.  i've been hearing a lot of hype on this little joint so i wanted to go and try this place of myself.
little joint is a nice way to explain this place i think. super cozy little pub: you need to seat yourself.  with a wide selection of beers, we decided to go with the beers suggested by our waitress.
tried this beer with their "pommes frites" - french fries- "fresh kennebec potatoes fried twice and served with horsradish chice sauce, roumelade, and ketchup" - (its friend in duck fat)
choice of burger: the back abbey burger of course-it shares the name of the joint, must be good right? - "6oz dry-age grind burger with aged gouda, mustard aioli, caramelized onion, niman ranch bacon, and micro greens served on a brioche bun"

it was pretty good i must say.
not sure though, i think i'm still more of a fathers office fan.

which do you prefer? 
Fathers Office or The Back Abbey?

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