February 20, 2011

recipe: strawberry tiramisu

i think its about time that i share a recipe.
this past friday, we had a combo community group get together.
lots of people. lots of food. lots of fun.

not having enough time to bake something, decided to compromise.
this is the PERFECT bite size dessert to make.
just cut, stack, eat.

-strawberries - sliced
-coffee flavored mascarpone 
-family size pound cake
-2 tbsn powdered sugar

slice thin slices of pound cake. using circle cutter, cut circles out of the pound cake.
mix mascarpone with the powdered sugar (add more if depending on desired level of sweetness).
start the stacking process.
pound cake. mascarpone cheese. slice of strawberry. mascarpone cheese. pound cake. mascarpone cheese. strawberry.

super simple. super easy. super cute. super delicious.

picture credit: janice kim

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