August 4, 2011

homemade jam

this past weekend, i baked some macarons with fresh berries in the center.  yesterday, i opened the fridge only to find my left over berries staring at me.  didnt know what to do with thought it'd be nice to make some jam.

i placed the left over berries, and sugar into a pot (1 pound fruit to 1 cup sugar).

in low heat, allow berries and sugar to merry.  i smashed the berries a little. once all the sugar is dissolved, place in high heat and allow for mixture to come to a boil.

liquid will start to evaporate and mixture will start thickening.  place spoon in mixture and take out.  when the jam mixture drops off the spoon in slow thick drops, turn off heat.

please jam mixture in jars and use when ready.


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