January 15, 2010

Casey's Cupcake

Located as part of the Mission Inn in Riverside Ca, this cupcake place is very very cute.
decorated with a lot of white and pink with a couple black accents it just shouts out GIRL POWER!! haha

anyways a very cute place to enter into
makes you very happy and excited i guess.

serveral rolls of different cupcakes displayed for you to choose from

very cute, very girly boxes to package your cupcakes

cute outside seating area.
love the pink table top with black chairs. awesome!

i just wanted to share how the box opens.
its very nice and its easy access to the cupcake.

now the description of the cupcake themselves....
i'm going to say i was not pleased with the taste of their cupcakes.
they just didnt taste very grand.
almost sad to say but i think the box mix tastes better than this place :(
the frosting way too sweet and not too good.
it also has a bad lingering after taste.
that is all.

i tried their red velvet and their lemon one... both had the same frosting and the cake part itself didnt taste too good.
i have a raspberry one waiting for me to try
that one has rasps baked into the cake to we'll see how that one tastes.


Anonymous said...

these cupcakes are terrific but try and look at them now since the new baker's came in and made the as beautiful as what they look like now. yummo

audgbodge said...

thank you for the notice. i will definitely go and try them again!!