November 23, 2009

weekend surprise

i received a last minute invitation to go and watch a football game and so i accepted.
prior to watching the game we decided to grab a bite to eat

naga naga was our destination.
cute decor, big fish tank :)

karen and i on our way to the rose bowl

view from out seats. no zoom no nothing. it was pretty nice.

afterwards, we decided to go try out this cupcake store: DOTS CUPCAKES

cute little store....managed to sneak in a picture because getting caught haha

hazelnut cupcake, red velvet cupcake.

it play dough - ____ -
generally i judge cupcake places by their red velvet...
but my goodness i couldnt even finish it.
i ate the top + the frosting and left the bottom.
not good not good.
the hazelnut wasnt very hazelnutty in flavor and it was just bland.
and the frosting was way too sweet.
a bit disappointed. dont think i'll try it again...

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