May 30, 2009

le cordon bleu

today i went to the le cordon bleu of pasadena to check out their patisserie and baking program.
my main concern was if i would be able to afford it...meaning would i be able to receive enough grants and loans to cover my tuition....
so i go there and ask questions and my lady tells me that i need to talk to the fin aid ppl down stairs for it...but....i cant until i submit an application and a deposit of $75 to secure my spot.

i went on a tour of the campus(its more of a building)
at the end of the tour, i was told that i needed to take a test prior to submitting an application
so they gave me a 30 questions to answer in a span of 8 mins on the computer.
passed this test with flying colors...
anyways so i go and decide to apply to the school because if for any reason i decide to drop, they would reimburse me of my $75 deposit.

so i signed my life away
then i went down stairs to meet with the fin aid ppl only to find out that i cant get any grant money because i have a stupid BA.....
also the loans wouldnt help much because 23,000 and 28,000 dont make too much of a difference because i dont have any money...

so now i must wait patiently to see if i could receive loans from other places
and probably during this time i should decide if i really do want to take out a loan...
or if i should just wait a couple years and save up (which will probably never happen)
i guess we'll just have to wait and see
it'd be really awesome if i was able to go but it looks like i wont be til later :(

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