March 21, 2009

girl scout cookies

today, my friends and i decided to bake some girl scout cookies.
samoas and thin mints.

when we went to the market today, we got attacked by a girl scout troop.
bought a box of samoas (they ran out of thin mints -__-)
ok so i got the recipe from here

the samoas came out pretty good.
i plan to roll out the cookie dough a little bit thicker next time.
thats because it kinda crumbled on me....
but other than that it came out pretty good.
the new gs cookies are tiny ... i was a bit disappointed ...
i think these will taste better tomorrow haha

thin mints.........i'd bake it shorter next time.
i'd also add more peppermint extract because you cant really taste it.

thank you to the person who created the recipe :)

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